It wouldn’t be surprising if pharmacies are seeing a surge in demand for vitamin D tablets. After all, a just came out suggesting the sunshine vitamin can reduce the risk of catching a cold or the flu. “Vitamin D ‘proved to cut risk of colds and flu,’” declared a headline in the Guardian. Medscape said, “Vitamin D may protect against respiratory infections,” while the BBC ran a headline that said: “Vitamin D pills ‘could stop colds or Read more [...]

The question Last fall, I attended a family-friendly music festival. It was a lovely event where you camped onsite. Camped right next to us was a couple with two young children. The children were well-behaved and their parents were quiet and minded their own business. The problem was that the dad had several prominent Nazi swastika tattoos and by the way he rolled up his sleeves was not afraid to show them. I was born not long after the Second World War. Read more [...]

You can still pass “Go” and collect $200 on the Monopoly board, but you soon won’t be able to do it with the thimble game piece. Voters have rejected the thimble, an integral part of the game since being added to Monopoly in 1935. The move is part of a campaign to select the next generation of game pieces. Hashtags, emojis and even a rubber duck may replace dogs, cats and hats in an upcoming version. Hasbro Inc. is holding a worldwide Read more [...]

I know what you’re thinking: Justin had to do it. He had no other option. Our economy depended upon it. Jobs depended upon it. Obviously Justin loathes the Donald – just look at his body language, the rictus grin during all that talk of “shared values,” the way he refused to be jerked forward by Donald Trump’s weird handshake-domination move. Or the way he paused, for one split second during the press conference, and regarded Trump’s limp little Read more [...]

Naked women are back in Playboy magazine, ending a year-old ban on the nudity that made the magazine famous. Playboy celebrated the reversal on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #NakedIsNormal. The about-face came Monday with the release of Playboy’s March-April issue. The 63-year-old magazine had banished naked women from its print edition because it felt the content had become passe in an era of online porn that is just a click away on personal Read more [...]

By Dr Ellie Cannon for The Mail on Sunday Q. I’m not sleeping well – I always wake up between 3am and 4am, whatever time I go to bed. I’m then shattered for the rest of the day. I’m 52, and post-menopausal. Do I just need less sleep, or should I be concerned? Insomnia is a common and well-recognised symptom of the menopause, and it’s one of the most frequent reasons I find women in clinic seeking help during this life stage. It is especially difficult when sleep is so curtailed Read more [...]

A New York doll maker says it will be selling what it believes is the first transgender doll on the market. The doll is based on Jazz Jennings, the teenage transgender subject of the TLC documentary series I am Jazz. It will make its debut at the New York Toy Fair next week and be available on the Tonner Doll Co.’s website and in specialty stores in July. A spokesman for the company said the 18-inch doll, which has a “genderless” plastic Read more [...]

George and Amal Clooney may want to share pregnancy notes with Beyonce and Jay Z. The Clooneys are expecting twins in June, Julie Chen said Thursday on CBS’ “The Talk.” George Clooney told Chen in late January that his wife, a human rights attorney, was pregnant, “The Talk” host said. The Clooneys’ news followed Beyonce and Jay Z’s announcement last week that the superstar singer is expecting twins. George Clooney’s publicist Read more [...]

Topped with grated cheddar, this pot of hearty, healthy chili takes less than 30-minutes to whip together. Servings: 8 Black Bean Soup Ingredients 2 cans no-salt added diced tomatoes 1 medium-sized onion, diced 1 red pepper, diced 1 can no-salt added red kidney beans (rinsed) 1 tablespoon chili flakes 1 tablespoon paprika 1 tablespoon chili powder 1/2 cup of grated cheddar cheese (optional) Read more [...]

Early this week, my only girl made 15. She got downstairs desperately, examining lots of birthday communications on her cellphone. I hugged her small. When I built her a shake, I retold her birth account for your umpteenth time. She wants to notice that she came to be thus swiftly that I'd no-chance of an epidural. She was robust and increased to the planet using a drive that has been showing, subsequently became in to a feisty baby and intelligent youngster. We mentioned her programs for your Read more [...]